Jill Pyeatt and Paul Frankel can’t address legitimate criticism, so they censor it like the commies they are

It’s not exactly news that “Independent” political report is anything but independent of the control of the same dirty khazar zionists who run the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and the country and planet as a whole.

Over on Jill Pyeatt‘s article


I posted a censored version of this post since anything IPR’s hypocritical management deems to be “racist” is immediately removed, and so they could not avoid dealing with the criticism by focusing only on the racial aspect. I guess the truth must have hurt, because the only response they could come up with was to delete the comment.

Here is exactly what they took down:

Can you address my criticism now? I bet you can’t!

Independent Political Report used to be a fairly useful news blog that covered third party and independent candidate news and was on google news. Then Paul Frankel wormed his way in after being kicked off Last Free Voice and Third Party Watch and managed to become an editor here. The site went downhill after that. First the original founder and owner Jason Seagraves mishandled belatedly learning about Frankel’s criminal past. Instead of giving Frankel the boot like he should have done he quit himself and sold the site.

Next over the course of several year Frankel managed to shit all over the blog, spamming it with massive amounts of copy and paste posts that eventually got the site kicked off google news whereby it lost most of its traffic and most of the other writers for IPR quit one by one or became inactive. As time went on the site’s original free speech policy gave way to increasing amount of comment censorship and various people getting kicked off for allegedly being trolls. This trend continues to accelerate ever more rapidly, but at least for a while Frankel was posting a lot of articles or finding some people to do it.

The site went further downhill after it was sold to Warren Redlich, who over the course of the last couple of years has made various site layout and policy changes each of which made the site less attractive, less useful and less user-friendly. Frankel became ever more dictatorial, driving ever more people away either by kicking them off, pissing them off or boring them to tears.

Just recently, Frankel’s rabid censorious piggishness and intolerant political partisanship and political correctness caused two of the site’s most prolific article authors, Krzyzstof Lesiak and Joshua Fauver, to leave IPR and start American Third Party Report. And even more recently, on this August 24th the last remaining prolific article author, Jed Ziggler, stopped posting articles, sending the site into a more advanced level of tailspin. For his part, Frankel does not post many articles anymore and what little he and the sites other semi-frequent article author, Jill Pyeatt still post is virtually 100% about the Libertarians and/or Open Threads. The latest late term abortion by Pyeatt is Open Thread III For Discussions of Small ‘l” Libertarianism and Anarchy which is not even about third parties at all.

Notice how there are zero open threads about small-s socialism or small-g green politics or small-c constitutionalism, etc? Not at IPR, of course, since it’s pretty much given up pretending to be anything other than a libertarians-only website.

Isn’t it time to give IPR a final flush and send it down the drain with a mercy killing?