David Macko, pro-White Libertarian candidate for Congress, Ohio District 14

David Macko (http://www.mackoforliberty.org) writes at IPR:

I am the Libertarian candidate for Congress again, in Ohio District 14, […] For the record, my last two nominations for Congress, my nomination for State Representative and my State Central Committee elections have been by party primary. In 2014 I received over 200 votes. In the 2012 election, I received 11,536 votes, 3.39% in a four way race. Other results are on my website.

Jared Taylor’s 21st Century Foundation which includes American Renaissance http://www.amren.com is a White realist group and does not advocate depriving anyone of his rights. As I state in my campaign literature, I believe in equal rights for everyone, even White people.

I disagree with the LP national platform’s immigration and abortion planks, which I make clear in all of my statements and campaign literature. It is not a violation of the nonaggression principle to defend one’s home or one’s country. I agree […] that abortion, except as a consequence of performing necessary medical procedures to save the life of the mother, is such a violation. See http://www.l4l.org.

I am a life member of the Council of Conservative Citizens […] which agrees with most L/libertarians on 80% of the significant issues, including the threat to liberty from the federal government, the right to keep and bear arms and the sanctity of private property for everyone, not only White people.

The American Free Press is one of the last honest newspapers in the United States and I respect Willis Carto for his courage, intelligence, patriotism and ability to expose and oppose the Zionists. […] Nobody should be deported from the United States except illegal aliens.

I do not have time to discuss the twenty or more holocausts of the twentieth century. L/libertarians should not want to suppress freedom of speech or of the press. Therefore, I support the Institute for Historical Review.

The Black man who interviewed me at the Hessler Street Fair was fined $50,000 for trying to deny people their right of assembly. I think that I did well in the interview, which is on my website:

Larry Pratt is the founder of Gun Owners of America and a dedicated patriot who wants to preserve everyone’s rights.


late patriot Senator Joseph McCarthy

The speaker at the private meeting in Independence was Paul Fromm, a courageous Canadian free speech activist who is smeared by the usual suspects.


David Irving is an honest, great British historian, who was falsely imprisoned by the Austrian government for blaspheming against the Holocaust faith. He was recently expelled from the United States by the powers that be for outstaying his Visa permit for one lousy day. The fedgov can respond to illegal aliens when it wants to do so.

For liberty, justice and peace,
David Macko
Libertarian candidate for Congress, Ohio District 14