Baraq Hussein Ebola… I mean Obama: ‘I kissed Ebola and I liked it….hope my boyfiend don’t mind it’ (or did he?)

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In reply to Paladin Justice:

One possible explanation was suggested in the followup post on your blog, which is that he simply lied, he never hugged and kissed any nurses who have ebola. I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me when I first saw this but it hadn’t.

Another one could be that this version of the disease does not actually spread except thru being directly injected into the blood, but we will be lied to and told that it spreads by incidental contact or even airborne and the actual disease will really be spread by injecting people with what they are told is the vaccine but is really the disease.

Another one I am thinking of is that the Jew World Order globalists may have technologies far more advanced than what has been made public, for example nanobots that can cure them of diseases at the molecular level, or who knows what.

Or, what about if president Obola is actually disposable to them, maybe they are letting him think that they have the cure for him but really they will let him die? Maybe he has gone crazy and thinks he is invincible.

Last scenario that occurs to me at this time is that he is actually a deep undercover islamic suicide terrorist who is “off the reservation.” I think that one is less likely because they would have killed him right away, and also because he would probably be smart enough not to tell them what he was doing if he was doing it, unless he was also crazy at the same time…but then he would have had an “oopsy” by now.

Lots of possibilities, maybe even some additional ones I did not think of yet. Of course him lying is the simplest one.

BTW hope you like my renaming of the article 🙂