William Saturn interviews me for the Saturnalian

Here is an interview with me that William Saturn posted at the Saturnalian. William Saturn has been interviewing people in the third party and independent candidate field for several years going back to at least 2008 I think. I have had an interest in the same subject also since 2008. Saturn added the embedded links after the interview. I also interviewed William Saturn as a result of this.

I recently spoke with Vernon, owner of the neo-Nazi blog 88Fourteen (“88″ is code for “HH” or “Heil Hitler” ; “Fourteen” refers to the white supremacist Fourteen Words slogan).

Vernon often commented at the Independent Political Report (IPR), where he became known as the “Nazi troll” for posting white supremacist materials and constant attacks on Libertarian Party petitioners. After being banned from IPR, Vernon started the 88Fourteen blog. Similar to his IPR comments, Vernon posts music videos, articles, and cartoons expressing hate for various ethic and religious groups. He also accuses ballot petitioners and IPR regulars of committing various crimes.

With The Saturnalian, Vernon discusses his activities in the Ku Klux Klan, his political endorsements, thoughts on several IPR personalities, and why he holds so much hate for certain ballot petitioners.

1. Are you the same person who posts as “Nathan Norman” or “Reality Watch” at IPR?

No. Of course, I’d say that even if I was, LOL.

2. On IPR, you referred to the bisexual porn collection on Nathan Norman’s (now deleted) blog as “hot.” Why?

I was being sarcastic. It was actually disgusting perverted filth.

3. Are you active in the Ku Klux Klan? If so, what activities do you take part in?

I am a pagan, not a Christian, so I am no longer in the Klan. I did attend some rallies, partied with the fellas for a bit, roasted a few niggers out in the woods and I love to go coon hunting still to this day. But eventually I got tired of the low IQ White tards who care more about the dumb niggers than they care about the kikes who are pulling all the strings, and the last straw was all the idiotic worship of the dead kike Yeshua and his superkike daddy-uncle Yahweh, which I quit doing and became a follower of the old Norse and Slavic gods such as Thor, Odin and Perun. I’m not really a big religious literalist but I love religious ceremony and symbolism. And too many people in the KKK these days have taken the dead kike’s gospel about turning the other cheek way too seriously, have become all talk and no action pacifists who turn around and spread both cheeks for the kikes, niggers, mudslimes, faggots, mudstizos, anti-Whites and all the rest of our enemies to stick it in. That being said I am more than willing to work with the KKK and anti-zionist christians, especially Christian Idenity followers to whatever extent they are working to secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

4. Are you familiar with Daniel Carver?

Yes. He was a Klan leader in Georgia I believe, way on the other side of the country from me.

5. On your 8814 blog, you mention Billy Roper‘s presidential campaign for the Boston Tea Party. How did you learn about the Boston Tea Party? Were you a member of the party?

I followed it online. I learned about it on IPR (now better known as JPR or KPR). I don’t think they ever did much else besides yak online but I thought it had potential. To be a “member” all you had to do was create a website account. I can’t remember if I did that or not but I was a lurker there. I would have become active if they nominated Billy Roper though.

6. Who did you vote for or support in the past 5 presidential elections?

Growing up I never really saw much in politics. When you grow up White and poor/working class like I did it seems like the Republicans are only for the rich, the Democrats are only for the non-Whites and nobody is for you. And eventually if you even give a shit at all you figure out the kikes are running “both” sides like they always do with everything.I strongly supported and campaigned for secret White National Socialist Ron Paul in the 2008 and 2012 primaries and I supported the American Third Position AKA American Freedom Party, Merlin Mller and also in 2008 John Taylor Bowles of the National Socialist Party in the general election.

Before that I was not voting. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan 4 years, then served a year and a half in Oregon State Prison aka Nigger University for defending myself in a street fight with my White Power Skinhead crew shortly after I was discharged. Prior to all that I was just a punk kid going to the mall, skating, getting girls, shoplifting, drinking, pills, video gaming, the usual teen shit. That’s where kike piece of shit faggot Paul Frankel and his sodomy buddy at the time James Gurga (since then replaced by his current paramour queer Andy Jacobs) scammed me to sign a bunch of initiatives even though I was not even registered to vote yet. They said that it was a petition for lower gas prices, which was a phony petition actually and then just sign your signature only a bunch more times. When I saw on TV they got busted it made me even much more cynical about politics than I already was and I never got into voting until Dr. Paul ran.

I was looking around for somebody to support after the primaries in 2008 and found IPR and lo and behold the same slimy piece of khazar shit Frankel was on there running his big hebe mouth. I could not believe it. Needless to say I did some digging into the whole thing. I had some cops that were buddies of mine from coon hunting, the service, the private security business and from being good guys who tried to intervene and help set me straight when I was a petty criminal youth, and I know a couple of guys in military intelligence that I work with on areas of mutual agreement, that are White nationalists and national socialists, usually deep undercover, that have helped me with the research, and a few of my punk rock friends from when I was a kid in White Working Class Southeast PDX who are into hacking computers that have helped me uncover a lot of information about Frankel’s interstate criminal gang.

7. Who will you back for president in 2016?

Rand Paul. He is a secret White National Socialist just like his father. When he is elected the Fourth Reich will rise. I also plan to be a delegate to the LP National Convention and work for NOTA so that zionist CFR fraud Gary fair tax Johnson does not spoil the election for Rand Paul against secret kike not so secret dyke commie Hillary. I know a lot of other White activists who were involved in the Ron Paul campaign who will be doing the same thing. If Rand Paul does not get the nomination I will be supporting the American Freedom Party. I know the guys who started it, they moved to Portland from Cali as part of the Northwest Front which I am down with. Of course your question presumes that african born mudslime illegal alien invader Baraq Hussein Ebola will not declare martial law and cancel the election which I believe is highly likely. 80 to 90 percent of the population of the world is slated to be killed by the Jew World Order starting this month and over the course of the next few years so it’s pretty likely there will not be any election at all.

8. What do you think of Robert Milnes‘s plan to send Black people back to Africa and inject Americans with the blood of indigenous people?

I like the first part. I hope the boats spring a leak and the niggers drown. It will give the fish a stomach ache from eating the nasty niggers but at least we will be rid of them. I am against mixing our blood, obviously.

9. How do you feel Robert Milnes will be as president?

I don’t think he will ever get off the couch honestly. I don’t like the way Frankel treated him and I think he has a good idea about united Libertarians and Progressives, but we should include National Socialists too and make it a Libertarian National Socialist Green Alliance. I am an environmentalist and an advocated of making government hyper-local and tribal, which I consider to be libertarian, and I like a lot of libertarians ideas such as no more welfare for niggers, pro States Rights, pro stop giving aid to Israhell and fighting their wars, pro separation of church and state, anti quotas, anti forced race mixing in the schools, anti ZOG forced race mixing in general, for your right as a White man to defend yourself and your family with weapons, ending the federal reserve and bringing the kike banksters to justice and so on, I favor a national socialist near-anarchist and environmentalist tribal society in tune with nature and its pagan gods and blood and soil, kith and kin, race and land, and honor. The national socialist movement has always been very progressive with strong support for the White Working Class, the environment, holistic and natural health, even animal rights which B.T.W. I am a dog lover and I am disgusted by Frankel and his criminal buddies being involved in ritual satanic kidnapping, torturing, raping and killing dogs and other animals all over the country. So basically a progressive-libertarian- alliance with national socialists (PLANS) to take it one step past PLAS. Oh and I also like Milnes being anti zionist and talking about deporting niggers.

10. What are your thoughts on Don Grundmann?

He does a good job calling out the faggots and their supporters (even if he is secretly one himself). He need to get over worshipping the dead kike. I don’t know the man but he is a defender of White Children, and we must secure a future for them, so he’s probably a good guy unless he is secretly a child molester like Frankel and his friends are.

Interview of third party politics interviewer and writer William Saturn (since he interviewed me)

Earlier this week William Saturn interviewed me (original published last night here and one of the answers published separately at http://rwm4prez2012.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/nazi-discusses-milnes/ ; reblogged by Elder of Zyklon here) So… I decided to ask him some questions too. For readers who are not familiar with some of the references in this interview see various links in Saturn’s interview of me, and if you still have any questions as to what we are talking about feel free to ask away in the comments. William Saturn has been interviewing people in the third party and independent candidate field for several years going back to at least 2008 I think. I have had an interest in the same subject also since 2008. Here are the questions and answers.

1. Is William Saturn your real legal name or a nom de plume?

I’ve said in the past that it is a nom de plume but I’ve done a lot under the name and so may legally change it at some point.

2. What are your political views and how have they evolved over time?

I am pragmatically libertarian but extreme in defense of free speech. My association with the Boston Tea Party turned me on to libertarianism in 2010. Before that, my views were similar to those of Pat Buchanan with a slight Bill Maher influence.

3. What is your ethnicity, ancestry and race and what are your views on race, nationality and nationalism?

I am of French descent, but I’m not too connected with it. I believe it’s natural for some people to cling to national/racial pride, but I don’t consider it a benefit or a detriment.

4. Do you think it is troubling that the White population is declining precipitously as a percentage of the world’s population and as a percentage of every White country’s population and that Whites will be a minority in the US, Europe and Russia within a few years? If yes: What would you do about it?

The percentages of White people may be decreasing but the numbers certainly are not. I’m more concerned about Americans (of any race) becoming overly sensitive and dependent on government.

5. Do you think that the amount of control that “Jews” have over banking/finance, government, media, entertainment, porn, lawyering and other fields is a problem? If yes: What would you do about it?

No. I think U.S. foreign policy gives too much deference and attention to Israel. I do not attribute this to “Jews” in the government, but to the Neo-cons.

6. Do you believe border control is important and if yes, what should be done to help control our borders better?

Yes. This may put me at odds with some libertarians, but I favor Chuck Baldwin’s approach to border enforcement from his 2008 campaign. “[A] Baldwin Administration will not wait for the construction of a fence in order to seal and secure our borders. We will utilize whatever force is necessary, including regular military personnel, to effectively secure our borders immediately. It is lunacy to send troops and National Guard half way around the world to protect the borders of Iraq while leaving our own borders wide open.” https://web.archive.org/web/20081030034636/http://baldwin08.com/BorderSecurityAndImmigration.cfm

7. How concerned do you think we should be that Islamic extremists want to convert the whole word at the point of a sword and are getting their hands on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and large amounts of funding from unknown sources?

We have no reason to worry about Islamic extremists attacking the United States so long as we stop meddling in the Middle East and focus exclusively on preventing extremists from entering the country.

8. Are you aware that globalists have openly admitted they want to kill 80-90% of the world’s population? If yes how should we stop them, assuming you agree that they need to be stopped?

Yes. If true, proponents will need a kind of World Government to implement these plans. It can be prevented if the United States withdraws from the UN and stops funding it. I’d also like to see the U.S. withdraw from NAFTA and NATO.

9. How concerned are you about Ebola getting out of control and becoming a pandemic? What should be done to prevent that, or is it already too late? And do you think it could be intentional biowarfare by government and/or terrorist groups?

Flights from West Africa to the United States need to be halted immediately. It is troubling that this has not already been done.

10. Are you active in any political parties, organizations or movements? If so which ones?

Yes. I have an announcement planned which I will reveal in due time. I was active in the Boston Tea Party until its collapse. I planned to use it to help Phil Davison run for president. But I waited too long to mobilize his supporters to the party and so lost the election.

11. What are the most important issues to you?

Foremost is the maintenance of the fundamental rights of Free Speech, Free Thought, and Free Press. Close behind is the dangers of Political Correctness and an expanding federal government. There is another which will be revealed in due time.

12. Who did you vote for in the last 5 presidential elections and who will you support in 2016 for president?

When I was young, I rooted on Ross Perot in ’92 and ’96. I became interested in Ralph Nader during the 2000 election. In 2004, I briefly considered re-electing President Bush, but in a moment of clarity, I voted for Ralph Nader after reading Justin Raimondo’s piece in The American Conservative http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/old-right-nader/. In 2008 I considered Nader, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin, but decided to vote for Chuck Baldwin because his views aligned better with my own. In 2012, I planned to help the Phil Davison campaign but it didn’t work out. I voted for Gary Johnson. I could see myself voting for Rand Paul in 2016, but I’ll keep my options open. If Phil Davison runs again, I’ll do what I can to support his campaign.

13. What made you interested in writing about third parties and independent candidates?

I’ve been intrigued by third party and independent candidates most of my life. My interest really took off when I first dabbled in citizen journalism in early 2008. The only candidates who responded to my inquiries were third party candidates.

14. Are you Citizen Norman, or any other names on IPR and similar websites?

No but I did leave about three comments on IPR as “Mr. X” in 2013.

15. What do you think of Citizen Norman, Robert Milnes, Don Grundmann, Paul Frankel, Andy Jacobs, myself, or any other characters that you find interesting at IPR and similar websites? Do you think it is highly probable that any two or more of them are actually the same person and if so which ones do you suspect of being which other ones?

I believe Citizen Norman is a humorist above all, but doesn’t know where to draw the line of appropriateness. Same thing with you. That’s why I’m open to the possibility that you and him are the same person. Robert Milnes is funny unintentionally, but badly needs psychiatric help. Grundmann has strong convictions and truly believes he is right but doesn’t quite know how to go about it correctly. I don’t have anything negative to say about Paul Frankel or Andy Jacobs. I have no knowledge of their past. I am intrigued by Andy’s Libertarian Zone idea and Paulie is essential to IPR.

16. Do you have children and if so are they of the same race as you are? What should be done to secure their future (or if you don’t have children, the future of our children, in general)? Are you worried about homosexual faggots and pedophiles attacking our children, and if so, what should we do to stop them?

I have no children at the moment. I expressed my views on the protection of children at http://saturnsrepository.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/review-of-don-grundmanns-candlecrusade-org/

17. Are you worried about the war in Mexico spilling over the border into Texas and other US States? Or how about contagious diseases and/or terrorists sneaking across the border? If so what can and should be done about it?

Yes. The war in Mexico is exacerbated by the War on Drugs in the U.S.. The War on Drugs needs to end to reduce the power and influence of the cartels.

18. Are you religious? If so what is you religion?

No. I am agnostic but culturally Catholic.

19. What are your other hobbies and interests besides political?

I am interested in the Texas Coast and its history. In addition, I am an Anglophile and art enthusiast. I enjoy horror flicks, dark comedy, and intense raw emotion.

20. How much of the info about Frankel’s gang that I have published have you read and what is your opinion of it?

I’ve read everything you’ve posted. Much of it is so outrageous that it makes me laugh. But I also think it’s overly harsh and hateful. I don’t really understand why you personally have such hate for Paulie and Andy.