Fugitive Paul Frankel spotted in New Orleans

Piece of shit kike faggot wanted fugitive Paul Frankel has posted these recent pictures of himself partying in New Orleans. Follow the link to learn more about this criminal scumbag, his criminal associates and their nefarious activities. Just looking at these pictures you can see he is the worst sort of degenerate from his depraved, evil appearance. And of course as always a fat, filthy pig. If he doesn’t die soon from a massive coronary, someone should do the world a favor and put him out of his misery. Hopefully, in a very slow and painful way. If anyone has more information on his current whereabouts and those of his criminal gang associates post them in the comments here and we will keep you updated as well.

Add Another Name to the List of The Disappeared by the Zog.


FBI Traitors + Mossad Murderers = The ZOG.
Patricia Klinkenberg. Died in @2000 from …Guess What? CANCER!
Long before her brother, my friend with the 172 IQ, Mark, got ADEM(Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis) by Zionist Germ Warfare in 2006.
Long before her mother, Doris, died from…Guess What? CANCER! 2014.
Ruth Blumenstein…CANCER, 2014.
Diane Barton,MD …CANCER 2001
I met Mark in 1993 I believe. He wound up in Georgia(USA not former Soviet). He asked me to help him move from GA to CA via NJ. Sure. @1998. I went down there, hesitantly, not wanting to flash my NJ plates. Shortly after arriving he got the phone call. Pat had died. He cried.
Now upon looking back on this, the fucking bastards Zionists had time and wherewithal to carry out a heinous covert operation. Their target, ME, ME you fucking bastards, not some old ladies attacking from the shadows. I’m here, at The…

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American Freedom Parry candidate nets 3.27% of the vote in West Virginia

The Grand Inquirer

American Freedom Party’s Harry Bertram netted:

State Senate — District 13Contest Code: KADistrict Name: 13th Senatorial District
Candidate   Party   Votes   Percentage   State Total

BOB BEACH  Democrat   11,996    51.47%  

KRIS WARNER Republican 10,549  45.26%

HARRY V. BERTRAM American Freedom Party   762  3.27%

Unofficial Total Votes: 23,307

Harry Bertram was the American Freedom Party’s only (?) candidate in the 2014 elections. Earlier, John Angelo Gage had been disqualified from the New Jersey ballot for the 7th congressional district.

An activist of the American Freedom Party since its inception, Bertram was the party gubernatorial candidate in the special election in October 2011 (1,111 votes for 0.37%) and State Delegate District 51 (1,110 votes for 0.88%).

The American Freedom Party is a white nationalist and paleoconservative political party founded in 2010.The party gained international media attention when its nominee for president, Merlin Miller, met former Iranian president…

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Progressives, libertarians, Nazis. Zogged!
At least the Nazis know they are Zogged.
Nazi Vernon mentioned that he would like to teach the Libertarians and Progressives about being Zogged. But I haven’t heard anything since.
The Nazis should be allowed to caucus with the libertarians. At least on an experimental basis.
Much as the commies should be allowed to caucus with the Greens.
We need all the allies we can muster. All bring something to the table. All have their baggage.
The Nazis bring awareness of the common enemy-The Zog, to the table.
If paulie cannoli doesn’t like it, it is tough shit.
The other morning I passed a leaflet to a lady with a cup of coffee. I just happened to see her across the street at a trash can putting something in. I said to myself Damn! She is throwing away the leaflet. But No! She walked away with…

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