IMO A State of War Exists Between The UNITED STATES and Israel.


It is a matter of who is in power.
As long as the democrats and republicans are in power, they will allow Israel to use the FBI’s illegal and unconstitutional surveillance to conduct covert operations in the UNITED STATES with impunity. These covert operations are allowed in order to distance the FBI from them. Because they are illegal and unconstitutional. However Israel also has its own covert operations in the UNITED STATES pursuant to its own agenda. Those are acts of war.
All kinds of things are going on. Shady financial and intelligence operations. Suppression of third parties and candidates. Kidnapping, murder etc.
The FBI protects Israel. The FBI is protected by U.S. attorneys who cannot or will not investigate. The U.S. attorneys control the federal grand juries. They will not present Grand Juries with evidence about the FBI or use the power of the Grand Jury to investigate the…

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More censored comments at Israeli Government-run website “”

1. The Nordic Way works because of the innate ethnic-racial qualities of the superior Nordic genotype. However, they are busy ruining that by importing dark skinned Africans to collect welfare in the Nordic nations. Like libertarianism, constitutionalism, patriotism and environmentalism, socialism also fails in the absence of racialist realism.

2. A 9/11 “truther” is only a half-truther if he or she she is not talking about Israel’s role in carrying out and orchestrating the attacks.

3. Hope you catch this comment quick before it gets removed like other comments here which criticize Israel, which is apparently not allowed here.

4. Are we allowed to say that the CIA are just puppets of the Mossad yet?

“Independent” Political Report schizos proudly say they are a government website on their facebook page but censor comments that mention this fact

As previously reported here, has a header image at the top of the page that says they are a government website. However, in a truly schizophrenic move the “I”PR censors have deleted any mention of it in their comments repeatedly.

Guess what else gets deleted? They post fluff from the losertarian party that calls for abolishing the CIA. So far so good. But try leaving a comment about how the CIA are just puppets of the Mossad, and it gets taken down. I guess the question to ask now is WHICH government runs “I”PR? I think the answer is obvious.

The following is satire, but it may as well be real.


We may as well admit it now:

Hell, it’s been obvious to anyone paying attention for years now, so we may as well rub it in you goyim cattle’s faces. After all you are so cowed and beaten you will just keep coming here for more of the same no matter how much we disrespect you.

Jill Pyeatt:

Well, yes porky, of course we are a government website. Everyone knows this, and these sheep that still come here after all the crap we have been pulling for years now like it that way. They are a bunch of naturally submissive, masochistic sheep that like to be ruled with an iron Jewish fist. Happy Hanukkah porky. Remember to come over to our house later for a threesome with me and my husband, or bring Andy with you and make it a foursome. Gotta get back to jilling off now!


People, this is all a conspiracy! IPR’s facebook page must have been hacked by the evil nazi troll Vernon. After all why would IPR admit they are a government website? That just doesn’t make any logical sense. I may have never felt the touch of a woman or been inside a vagina since my umblical cord was cut, but I know how to smell a rat. We need to all move to a Libertarian Zone with a bunch of ebola infested niggers and ISIS fighters who behead infidels because the Jews are wise and benevolent and we will all live together in liberty and peace together and sing kumbaya and mix without any kind of racial identity. Jill, I will bring porky over to your house later, I am looking forward to the sex party and maybe I will finally get to eat your pussy too!

“I”PR is a bad joke. It’s like a car wreck that never ends.

What will they censor next? How about holiday tidings? Already done.

This was deleted:

Thanks for asking. That would be Merry Yule and Happy Solstice, since I am a Pagan. I have plenty to do as well, which is why I haven’t been blogging much, and as for love, my wife is now pregnant with our 4th child of what we eventually hope will be at least 14. I’m getting another Swastika tattoo to celebrate this rebirth of light. By the way, any comment as to why IPR’s facebook header photo identifies you in your own words as a “government website”?

Oy vey!

Celebrating the well deserved death of nigger piece of shit Michael Brown

Police officers celebrating a job well done:

Damn it feels good to piss on a dead nigger’s grave!

“I”PR admits they are a government website

Posted in “I”PR open thread today:

December 21, 2014 at 7:09 pm

Hey Jill, do you think it show’s a bit too much Chutzpah for us to admit we are a *government website* right in the headliner photo at ?!

Jill Pyeatt
December 21, 2014 at 7:09 pm

Not now porky!! I am busy jilling myself off to this new post at 88FourteenWordpress.

You can come over and stuff your fat face with my muffin later and I will suck and swallow your kosher sausage and meatballs. I promise my husband will fuck your big fat obese tushy while we do it.

But right now I have four fingers inside my pussy so leave me alone for about 40 minutes!

December 21, 2014 at 7:11 pm

Hey Jill if I give Porky a ride over to your house will you devirginize me too? I’ve never been with a woman, my cock has only been inside porky’s mouth and ass but I have never fucked or tasted a real vagina in my life!

Here’s hoping porky faggot paul frankel turns blue by this Christmas

Well it looks like the links to the facebook pictures of porky fag paul frankel don’t stay posted here properly; but you can find them at While you are there make sure to tell him what a ugly deformed degenerate kike faggot criminal piece of shit he is. Here’s hoping porky faggot paul frankel turns blue by this Christmas!