IMO A State of War Exists Between The UNITED STATES and Israel.


It is a matter of who is in power.
As long as the democrats and republicans are in power, they will allow Israel to use the FBI’s illegal and unconstitutional surveillance to conduct covert operations in the UNITED STATES with impunity. These covert operations are allowed in order to distance the FBI from them. Because they are illegal and unconstitutional. However Israel also has its own covert operations in the UNITED STATES pursuant to its own agenda. Those are acts of war.
All kinds of things are going on. Shady financial and intelligence operations. Suppression of third parties and candidates. Kidnapping, murder etc.
The FBI protects Israel. The FBI is protected by U.S. attorneys who cannot or will not investigate. The U.S. attorneys control the federal grand juries. They will not present Grand Juries with evidence about the FBI or use the power of the Grand Jury to investigate the…

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