Add Another Name to the List of The Disappeared by the Zog.


FBI Traitors + Mossad Murderers = The ZOG.
Patricia Klinkenberg. Died in @2000 from …Guess What? CANCER!
Long before her brother, my friend with the 172 IQ, Mark, got ADEM(Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis) by Zionist Germ Warfare in 2006.
Long before her mother, Doris, died from…Guess What? CANCER! 2014.
Ruth Blumenstein…CANCER, 2014.
Diane Barton,MD …CANCER 2001
I met Mark in 1993 I believe. He wound up in Georgia(USA not former Soviet). He asked me to help him move from GA to CA via NJ. Sure. @1998. I went down there, hesitantly, not wanting to flash my NJ plates. Shortly after arriving he got the phone call. Pat had died. He cried.
Now upon looking back on this, the fucking bastards Zionists had time and wherewithal to carry out a heinous covert operation. Their target, ME, ME you fucking bastards, not some old ladies attacking from the shadows. I’m here, at The…

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