Still just a nigger: Clean-Cut Family Negro and Darkie Role Model BILL COSBY Now Revealed to Be A Rapist

Nigger is as nigger does…it may not make much difference at this point if he has his 80 year old dick and balls cut off on internet video, or his other, less intelligent head for that matter, but hey, better late than never, especially if it gives his many victims some overdue relief or serves as a warning to other rapist niggers.


Say it isn't so, Dr. Huxtable. Say it isn’t so, Dr. Huxtable.

Wow! Thirteen women have stepped forward according to this story to accuse iconic comedian and actor Bill Cosby of rape.

Race realists have a saying that’s oft repeated: Avoid the groid. No matter how nice that nonwhite man seems, his “muh dik” is going to get the better of him.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

When comedian Hannibal Buress delivered his recent merciless tongue-lashing at Bill Cosby, calling him a serial ‘rapist’, there was one woman who was paying particularly close attention.

When Barbara Bowman was a teenager she was emotionally and sexually abused by the TV star and in an exclusive interview with MailOnline she describes in chilling detail how Cosby manipulated her into believing he was a father figure and took advantage of her youth, vulnerability and yes, even ambition, to have his way with her over and over again.

‘I was…

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