Hook nosed kike banker steals from Help for Heroes charity pot

This reminds me of the veterans charity fraud which is one of the many scams of the Frankel-Fincher gang (see https://88fourteen.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/further-followup-on-the-frankel-fincher-gang )…

Daily Bale

A Jewish Left-Wing Banker and fraudster stole more than £9,000 from the Valley Aviation Society, which is an organisation based at Prince William’s RAF base.

Bank worker Kevin Hughes, 32, was treasurer of the charity at RAF Valley on Anglesey which raised cash for Help for Heroes and a hospice for terminally-ill children.


Mr. Hughs: posing for a photo on his Facebook account

But a court heard Hughes used the cash to pay off his personal credit card bills.

Hughes was a volunteer with the Valley Aviation Society – a group of enthusiasts based at RAF Valley in North Wales, he was also a responsible member of the North Wales Jewish synagogue.

Prince William is a search and rescue helicopter pilot at RAF Valley on the island of Anglesey where he and the Duchess of Cambridge have a cottage.

Prosecutor David Mainstone said: ‘The charity raised funds for Help for…

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