Niggers are spreading Ebola

Daily Bale

Blacks are spreading Ebola – immediately when you say this, no doubt you’ll have some liberal/left-wing pervert jump on you and accuse you of racism but the fact remains that this is 100% factually correct. People with black skin are indeed spreading Ebola and Ebola originates from the homeland of Blacks, Africa.

Blacks are spreading Ebola Typical Black/white interaction leads to infection of Ebola through touch or even close proximity meeting

Just as Black people brought aids to western countries in the 1980s, they are now bringing us Ebola (aided by their left-wing/Liberal friends who cover for them). Indeed every major international disease right from the Black Death to Spanish flu can trace it’s origins right back to the good old black country – Africa.

Now, the only reason we are getting Ebola in our western countries is because we allow it. We allow black immigrants from Africa to come into our countries, we…

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