Lone Wolf Whites: If You Have An Agenda For National Socialism, Just Do It!

Vikingbitch writes “I am not saying that Lone Wolf Whites should go out and hatchet up Anti White police or fire shots into O’Bummah’s White House…” She’s not saying it, so I am. Do that too if you are wiling to take the consequences, as more of us should become given the imminence and magnitude of what is coming down the pike at us very, very soon. Check out the whole article at the original source for more good ideas. I’m prepping, stockpiling guns and ammo, engaging in some uncivil disobedience, got gold, silver and lead, cabins in the woods, raising some mean ass dogs, working on making 4th of 14 plus White kids with my wife, homeschooling, unbanking, and flying the Swastika among many other things. See also https://88fourteen.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/we-are-fucked/ Time for some action!

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