Further followup on the Frankel-Fincher gang

Sieg Heil!


For those of you following along 88FourteenWordPress investigative reporting regarding the filthy faggot Frankel-Fincher gang


Mossad agent Andy Jacobs comments:

There is no Frankel-Fincher gang you lying jackass. Paul has not worked a ballot access drive Gary was on in over 4 1/2 years (and neither have I for that matter). Paul really had not even spoken to Gary much since 2008. They did not work on any of the same campaigns in 2009, and Paul did not even see Gary at all in 2009. Even in 2008, Paul only saw Gary one time, and that was at the LP National Convention (which was the last LP event Gary attended, and Gary ended up becoming inactive in the LP after that). So prior to this, the last petition drive Paul and Gary worked on at the same time was in the fall of 2007. So since the fall of 2007, which was 7 years ago, Paul saw Gary once in 2008 at the LP National Convention, and he worked one petition job Gary was on in 2010 (and he did not even talk to him much during that job), which ended in the early half of March.

This hardly constitutes being in cahoots in some “gang.”

First of all Agent Jacobs, your credibility is nil



Second, even if we were to for some reason believe you, you’d still be missing the forest for the trees. It doesn’t matter how much your filthy faggot fuck friend Frankel directly communicated with his fellow felon Fincher, because they connect up through yourself and Mark Pickens. The evidence is in the articles That are linked in the links above and below. Anyone who reads those posts and has some intelligent questions, unlike your pathetic attempts at deflection, is free to ask them. I call it the Frankel-Fincher gang because Frankel-Fincher-Jacobs-Witmer-Pickens-who knows how many others gang is just too long. That doesn’t necessarily mean Frankel and Fincher are in charge; I don’t have an organization chart.

Why pick on Frankel and Fincher rather than say yourself or Pickens? Well, other than the fact that those two failed fellating fuckwads both have names that start with F there’s also the rather difficult to dispute, even for you, fact that they have gotten caught. Frankel is a convicted felon forger as well as a fugitive fraudster, and Fincher as of the last I heard is still cooling his heels in the Bristol Co. MA pokey for his fake veterans charity. The rest of you criminals in the Frankel-Fincher gang seem to be skating so far. I’m guessing that must be because you have friends in high places, or low places, or both. Pickens apparently had the evidence disappear somehow when he got busted for drug trafficking, Witmer keeps skating on his repeated rental car thefts and as for you, you seem to be able to get away with assaulting police officers. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, why am I telling you? You already know all this and I have yet to see any evidence that anyone reading is buying your attempts at evasion and deflection. As for everyone else, if anyone actually gives a fuck, they can feel free to follow up by freely foraging through the forest of fecal facts about the Frankel-Fincher gang that follows from the links:













Gary Fincher busted for veterans scam

Glenn Jacobs is on the left, Mossad Agent Andy Jacobs is on the right

Kike khazar piece of shit Paul “paulie” Frankel is the filthy fat faggot, fugitive felon fraudster and forger in the middle with the F-cup bitch tits poking out through his jewwigger plain white T-shirt

See also https://88fourteen.wordpress.com/2014/10/18/william-saturn-interviews-me-for-the-saturnalian/



6 thoughts on “Further followup on the Frankel-Fincher gang

  1. “Frankel is a convicted felon forger as well as a fugitive fraudster, and Fincher as of the last I heard is still cooling his heels in the Bristol Co.”

    Yeah, Paul did something wrong 13 years ago. He did his time, and he’s cleaned up his act since then. Paul has worked on a lot of petition drives since then, and he’s done a good job. Paul regularly has a high validity rate on petitions, and there have been times where he’s had the highest validity rate of all of the petition circulators working on a given campaign. He’s also spent a lot of time doing unpaid volunteer work for the Libertarian Party.

    So did Paul screw up in the past? Sure, but that was a long time ago. Paul has turned his life around since then.

    And yes, Gary got arrested for this veterans things, and yeah, the veterans thing was a bullshit thing to do. It is not something I agree with and I think that most of these veterans charities are scams, even many of the ones that are supposedly legitimate. Gary got busted and he doing time in jail for it right now.

    This really does not have much to do with Gary the petitioner though, because Gary was a damn good petitioner at one time.

    Gary and Paul (who have not really been friends or even associated at all in years) are not the only people in the world of ballot access petitioning, or the world of politics in general, to have ever screwed up or done anything wrong. They are not the only ones to have ever gotten arrested for anything either. There are other people involved in ballot access (and in politics in general) who have done a lot worse than they ever did, some of whom went to jail or prison, and some of whom got away with their crimes, yet you are silent about them.

    It is pretty obvious to me that your attacks here are politically motivated. It is rather telling that out of all of the people involved in ballot access work, you only target a very small handful of people who do or have done this work, and who also have a history as Libertarian Party members, and who have posted political comments online.

    There are other people involved in ballot access who’ve gotten arrested for all kinds of things, or who have done all kinds of things for which they SHOULD BE ARRESTED, but they got away with it, yet you say nothing about any of these people.

    You’ve obviously got surveillance capabilities, or somebody with surveillance capability feeds you information, so given this, it is rather telling that you say NOTHING about any of the non-libertarian mercenary petitioners/petition coordinators who were or are also involved in the veterans scam. Gary got into through non-libertarian mercenary petitioners who were doing it.

    You say NOTHING about all of the non-libertarian mercenary petitioners out there, who make up 99% of the petition business. It is blatantly obvious to me that you are a scam. No real Neo-Nazi would give a shit who is petitioning for the Libertarian Party. This whole thing is nothing more than a sabotage attempt from you and your handlers against the Libertarian Party and movement. Out of the ones you’ve attacked (myself, Paul, Gary, Mark, and Jake), the only ones who’ve done any significant amount of ballot access work over the last 6 years have been myself and Paul. You are trying to tie us all together as being some kind of “gang” that is “up to no good” for dramatic effect.

    The fact that you do all of this while hiding behind a fake screen name and an IP anonymizer illustrates how much credibility you have, which is ZERO.


    • You need some new material agent Jacobs.

      Everything you just said is recycled bullshit that I already addressed in the very posts linked in this polls and discussions on those posts.

      If anyone reading wants the answers they should just read those links or ask intelligent questions.

      I don’t have time to keep repeating the same answers to your lies.


  2. ” Witmer keeps skating on his repeated rental car thefts and as for you, you seem to be able to get away with assaulting police officers. I wonder why that is?”

    Because this stuff never happened.

    ” Mossad Agent Andy Jacobs is on the right”

    This is a laughable statement. The Mossad would not like me very much, because I favor cutting off all tax payer funding to Israel. I am not a mindless Jew hater, like you are, or like you pretend to be, but I do not support the Israeli state. I do not really support any coercive government, including the corrupt one which we live under right here in the USA.


    • “Because this stuff never happened.”

      Of course it happened. Witmer was arrested for one of the car thefts and others have been reported. There are numerous reports that you assaulted police officers, and you were arrested for it in Maryland, but somehow the charges keep disappearing.

      “The Mossad would not like me very much, because I favor cutting off all tax payer funding to Israel.”

      It doesn’t matter what you pretend your views are, it’s clear that you are working for them, agent Jacobs.


      “I do not really support any coercive government, including the corrupt one which we live under right here in the USA.”

      Is that why some higher power keeps intervening to absolve you of assaults against your fellow gang members and even against police officers?


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