About Page Updated Again

https://88fourteen.wordpress.com/about/ has been updated. Here is the latest version, let me know what you think, what should be added etc:

Imperka kolovrat_bg.600x600w
Check the front page. If you don’t get what it’s about, this one won’t help you.

UPDATE: https://88fourteen.wordpress.com/2014/10/18/william-saturn-interviews-me-for-the-saturnalian/ A little bit about my background in there for those of you who care. Feel free to ask more questions if you feel a need or any curiosity.

I interviewed him, too.


If you want to ask me questions please be prepared to answer some as well.


A bit about the new progressive-libetarian alliance with national socialists strategy (PLANSS), also known as the Libertarian National Socialist Green Alliance:


President Ebola

Some of my favorite music videos:



A bit of my investigative reporting on the Frankel-Fincher Gang and the decline and fall of third party news and commentary site IPR, now better known as JPR or KPR:


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