Libertarians convene in Worcester; discuss rights, race, and more

Luckily the politically correct plank condemning racism FAILED. The whole reason why libertarians can be our allies against the marxists and muddled middle is that (most of them, anyway) support the right of individuals to freely associate and discriminate, which we should and must do. The Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Greens and others favor government forced integration, which is far worse. They also want to get power out of the hands of the zionist occupied federal government (whereby we will have more of a chance to win our freedom at the state and local level), abolish the fed/jew central banking control, get the US out of the middle east, end welfare (which mostly goes to entitled “minorities,” soon to be majorities), and oppose the zionist-led anti-White citizen disarmament agenda. They also support getting rid of government schools which are used to spread jewthink to generations of our children. There are, of course, many other issues to disagree with libertarians on.

Jordan Evans

Packing into the dining hall of Tweed’s Restaurant and Pub in Worcester, Libertarian stalwarts from across the Commonwealth assembled over this past weekend to continue their push to change the Massachusetts state government.

WP_20141018_008 Convention attendees attentively listen to guest speaker Evan Falchuk.

With roughly two dozen total attendees, slightly less than the convention of last year, party loyalists met to discuss strategy, elect leadership, and meet with candidates. Topics on the agenda included state committee elections, reports and speeches from an assortment of speakers, and the discussion of adding a plank combating racism to the platform of the state party.

As attendees dined, party officials and state committee candidates gave speeches about the direction they most wanted to see the Party move towards. For most, the goals to building a successful party were the same; recruit new volunteers, run a consistent slate of candidates, and continue to build upon an effective social media presence. For…

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