“About” page updated

I decided to update the “about” page. At first I thought there was no point to explain what this blog’s about if you don’t get it after looking at the front page for a few seconds. But people keep looking at it, and I am not sure if this message which I had until today:

Check the front page. If you don’t get what it’s about, this one won’t help you.

Makes them look at the front page some more or causes them to go away. I still don’t know but just now I posted this update to the about page

UPDATE: https://88fourteen.wordpress.com/2014/10/18/william-saturn-interviews-me-for-the-saturnalian/ A little bit about my background in there for those of you who care. Feel free to ask more questions if you feel a need or any curiosity.

I interviewed him, too.


If you want to ask me questions please be prepared to answer some as well.

Imperka kolovrat_bg.600x600w

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