We Are Fucked….Time for some action

BDL kind of has a point here. If internet is your only racial activity you are doing it wrong. I’ll keep doing it though, at least for now, because it does help release the frustrations we all feel and who knows, maybe it will help wake somebody up or convince them to take some action or maybe to reach out to someone else who will. But I do stuff offline too. I don’t want to get into too many specifics because some of it may not conform to ZOG laws but then again resistance to tyranny is obedience to Perun. Let’s just take a hypothetical scenario that may have happened, let’s say Saturday night for the sake of discussion. I may have dressed up as an old ass man and went walking with a cane through the nigger part of town where there has been a rash of muggings, and then when a nigger took the bait and though he had some easy prey I may have beat the shit out of that nigger with my cane and left that piece of shit to stink up an alley which has turned into a garbage dump because for whatever reason no one has been picking up the trash there. I’m not saying that’s exactly what happened, but it could have. Let’s just say that if it did it had a very aphrodisiac effect on me and my wife both when I came home afterwards.

Anyway, shit is about to get real very, very soon. Ebola will be killing millions of people in our country and every country in the next few months possibly spread by CIA, Mossad and perhaps their front group ISIS also known as the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. There will be roundups and quarantines everywhere and people getting mass buried in plastic coffins in FEMA camps. There will be martial law and gun confiscation and resistance and fighting in the streets. Niggers will riot in every city like they are doing in St. Louis and the Jew World Order will release hordes of Mestizo savages to brutally rape, torture, rob and kill Whites into compliance. The dollar will collapse as Russia, China, India, Iran and other nations abandon the US currency in energy trading and World War III will expand from Syria, Iraq and Ukraine to many more countries. The kikes will probably nuke Tehran and maybe get nuked by the Russians in retaliation. I am a pagan but all this shit is in the Book of Revelations and many prophecies throughout the ages coming from different nations and cultures and it is starting to happen ALREADY. It’s no secret that the Jew World Order agenda is to kill at least 6 billion with a b goyim, 80-90% of the world population and these will be some of the means by which it will be done starting this year and over the next several years.

If you are not ready you better get as ready as you can very, very quickly. I hope you have plenty of guns and ammo, some land not too near the cities, plenty of food stored up, gold, silver and lead, water purification equipment, generators, batteries, lots of warm clothes, some mean ass dogs, and are in good physical shape. Or, just forget all that shit and say fuck it, just go out with whatever weapons you do have or can get quickly and start killing our racial enemies NOW. What are you waiting for? Very soon it will be too late. The government goon squads will already be at your door with overwhelming force. You are going to die anyway so would you rather die like a sheep or like a wolf? Only maybe 10% of us will live another 5-10 years and that is if we are lucky. So quit waiting for other people to start the revolution and just start fucking killing them now because there is virtually no time left and someone has to go first so it may as well be you (and me). Get in where you fit in and start slaughtering our enemies while you still can because time is running out quickly. Oh yeah, and have lots of sex because this may well be your last chance to procreate and pass on your genetic heritage. The time we have waited for is now! If you hesitate you will lose the opportunity. The war is already starting so what are you waiting for?

I am not going to be a hypocrite here, I will follow my own advice and hope you do the same. But I’ll still keep keyboard warring too while I still can, which probably won’t be too much longer. Why not? Use all tools available while you still have them because it won’t be for long. Besides which it’s fun and what good is it to be alive if you are not having fun?


Sad, but true.

Time for a reality check folks! 

“We” are not winning any “fight”, there is no “movement” to speak of, and “internet-land” in no way represents reality. 

I hate reading on the internet about how we are making “progress” and all that shit. Yeah right, clearly none of the people speaking of this mythical “progress” have ever looked at reality and the people we are supposedly trying to awaken. They are fucked! Plain and simple.

“Yeah, we’re gonna take it back from the Jews with this bunch of fat fucking retarded brain-dead zombies, otherwise known as the modern-day White race”….. Good luck if you believe that!!!! I don’t suffer from those delusions at all anymore.

There are absolutely no political solutions to the problems we face either. The time for political solutions officially ended in 1945 after our idiot race destroyed the Third Reich instead of supporting it…

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