For Women Only – The Secret To A Happy Life

The only thing I would add is that this should not just be for women only, since although only women can bear children it takes two parents to conceive them and ideally to raise them as well.

Aryan Street

This is a post I should have made a long time ago. 

Ya see, I did this thing for the first time when I was only 22 year old.  I did it again when I was 28.  I only did it twice, and I wish I’d done it more times, when I could, but it has filled my life with a purpose and a contentment I could only dream of. 

What was this wonderful event my life?  Why it’s having children of course! 

I would have written this post sooner had I realized just how unpopular the idea of having children has gotten with “first world” women.  I thought every girl dreamed of having a family!

Just how common it is for White women to NOT want kids became horrifyingly clear to me a few weeks ago.  I was in a department store and two delightful, seemingly intelligent and attractive young White…

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