Grim Week for Animals as Jewish and Muslim Rituals Coincide

The Ugly Truth

For Muslims, the festival of Eid al-Adha commemorates a Quranic story that is the Muslim version of the binding of Isaac told in the Torah. Muslims believe that Ibrahim was ordered by Allah to sacrifice his son Ismail, but that a ram was provided instead at the last moment. Traditionally, Muslim families purchase and sacrifice an animal on the holiday, giving a third to charity, a third to a neighbor and keeping a third for themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Grim Week for Animals as Jewish and Muslim Rituals Coincide

  1. A few years ago, when I was more naive about race and culture, I was in Tangier, Morocco, during Eid and saw slaughtered lambs being butchered and cooked outside homes in the Medina, the old section of the city. So many animals were being killed that blood, guts, and intestinal juices ran in little streams through the twisting streets and alleys. These would have made for the most interesting photographs I’ve ever taken if the film hadn’t been improperly loaded in my camera. Unfortunately, I was to have even worse fortune that day.

    The locals seemed really friendly, as the travel literature had suggested they might be; and I unwisely accepted a man’s invitation to have lunch with his family. He and his brother turned out to be drug dealers, and when they learned I had no interest in buying hash from them, they decided to just take all the money I had on me. They kept me in a little room for what seemed like a long time, and I think they considered murdering me or otherwise exploiting me, but probably figured they might get caught since I’d been seen at a cafe in the area. They ended up sharing some undercooked lamb with me and then letting me go, after which I was bedridden in my hotel room and mostly unconscious for a day and a half with diarrhea.

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