Where can I get one? “I am Darren Wilson” Bracelet Update: Found

First posted September 25:

Cool new bracelet worn by Police Officers in Missouri and around the nation. Darren Wilson is, of course, the heroic officer who gave the obese criminal piece of shit nigger Michael Brown exactly what he deserved in Ferguson causing a bunch of niggers and commie-liberals to go all apeshit. Darren Wilson is a true role model for all of us! I want to know where to get one of these bracelets so I can wear one the next time I go nigger hunting. Whites all over America (and even in other countries) should start wearing bracelets, baseball caps, T-shirts and other items with this slogan to let all the niggers know we mean business. Whenever a nigger sees a White person they should know they can be the next Michael Brown. Shooting niggers dead can become the new hip sport for young Whites, but it’s never too late for older Whites to show their stuff and show the youngsters a thing or two.


Commented September 26:

I must not be the only one wondering where to get one if the statistics about how people arrive at this page are to be believed. So, I did a search and so far I am not finding anything. I have found some sites hawking T-shirts but no bracelets. If this is correct it seems like it would be a good business opportunity, although I imagine the market will get glutted fast, so for the entrepreneurial among you – act fast!

UPDATE: Found it!


In the meantime, news reports say that the Ferguson Police Will Be Banned From Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson Bracelets.’ The rest of us can wear them, though!

One thought on “Where can I get one? “I am Darren Wilson” Bracelet Update: Found

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