‘Sorry for algebra, coffee and Zinedine Zidane’: #MuslimApologies is trending in response to Islamophobia

Step one, deport all the sand niggers. Step two, nuke them AND the fake jews. Turn israhell and the whole caliphate into a nuclear wasteland and be done with it!



Muslims are treated so unfairly in the West. We whites should be ashamed of ourselves. Let’s all bow down and face East and say “Hail Allah” a hundred times a day. Or something.

Look how mean we are. We bring these people in from their sand dunes, provide them with housing, food, medical care, education, and more. All we ask in return is that they not behead us.

But that’s just too much for them. They demand that besides all the free goodies we give them that we also turn over our souls to Allah. And adopt Sharia law.

Naturally, when they do behead us, or bomb us, or get ugly in other ways, we get p*ssed.

And our perfectly normal reaction they call Islamophobia.

To counter this mean old nasty Islamophobia, they’ve cooked up a social media campaign that promotes all the cultural enrichment they’ve brought to the West.

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