Ku Klux Klan Paper Delivered in Zeeland, Michigan “Shocks” City Officials

The story mentions KKK spokesman Billy Roper, who was one of the leading contenders for the Presidential nomination of the Boston Tea Party in 2012. The BTP was started back in 2006, before the larger Tea Party movement kicked off, by renegade libertarians who opposed the takeover of their party by Likudnik neocons like Aaron kike khazar Starr, and gained traction as anti-zionist libertarians opposed the israhell supremacist ticket of octaroon Bob Barr and Wayne war for israel Root (and later yet, Gary CFR zionist “fair” tax Johnson). The party showed some early promise as the Republicans spurred White nationalist candidate Ron Paul. However, Ron Paul decided against bucking the GOP and coming out with his true racial beliefs, and the tea parties also became infested with likudniks, zionist neocons and GOP apparatchiks. Roper’s bid for the BTP nomination was doomed when anti-White liberals took control of the party and dissolved it rather than allow a pro-White candidate with a Tea Party label run on their ticket.

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