Jewish supremacist tries to understand what could be behind “Germany’s new anti-Semitism”

It’s time to stop kicking them out and have a true final solution. Make their holohoax fable come true!

The Ugly Truth


Ed note (TL) One has to laugh to watch jews as they struggle to understand “anti-Semitism” from their own lofty jewish supremacist perspective which is dripping in malignant narcissism. Whatever they do, WHATEVER IT IS, you will not be able to miss the fact that they are totally intolerant and immune to even the slightest suggestion that they might deserve criticism.
The more bizarre their fevered soliloquy rationalizations, the more pleased with themselves they appear to be. Just look at the look in this psychopathic jewish supremacist’s eyes, and read his latest thoughts on why any unhappiness with jewish behavior can be nothing other than bigotry, racism, neo-Nazi-like behavior, fascism, a new holocaust, and of course good old ANTI-SEMITISM ANTI-SEMITISM ANTI-SEMITISM. Nothing is ever causal to feelings of “anti-Semitism” except those primitive savage Muslims and their ignorant prejudices.
Oh to be the stupid goyim and resent the jews’ amazing…

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