37% of Gay Men Admit Molesting Minors

Dirty sodomite faggot child molesters should be burned alive on internet video. 37% admit it, how many more do it and don’t admit it? GAY = Got AIDS Yet?! Maybe having a few hundred faggots impaled and left to rot in the middle of each of “their” neighborhoods would teach them a lesson.


boy scout molester

by Charles Coughlin

An article from WXIA news reports “‘I think the fact that they kept files (on boy scout molestations) is astounding,’ Gainesville attorney Chandelle Summer told 11Alive News on Friday. That was her reaction to a judge in an Oregon child molestation case releasing thousands of pages of Boy Scouts of America internal files. They show thousands of cases of potential pedophiles in the Boy Scout ranks, including nearly one-hundred here in Georgia from the late 1950s to the mid-1980s. Gainesville attorney Summer isn’t really surprised at what the files contain. More than two decades ago she represented Hall County Scout Master Larry Calabro when he pleaded guilty to molesting seven of his scouts.”

The right-wing has been warning Americans about the dangers of homosexuals in positions of authority such as boy scout troop leaders, but the liberal Jewish-owned mass media assured Americans again and again that Gay…

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