Australia terror suspect may not have been acting alone

I hate to agree with a jihadist but he *sort of* has a point. Islam is really an insult to itself, and to anyone who worships the pedophile muhammad and the moon rock in saudi arabia, they are insulting themselves and insulting the underlying concept of islam (which is supposed to mean “obedience to god”) so they should start getting beheaded by White activists. Russian National Socialists have led the way on this and the White Nationalists in the west need to start catching up!


Islamic protest in Sydney, Australia Islamic protest in Sydney, Australia

Muslims in Britain and in Australia have certainly been busy the last day or two. I can’t recall writing this many posts relating to the “religion of pieces” as I’ve done tonight. (Scroll down the home page to see more.)

To keep this post brief, I’m simply repeat the rhetorical question that everyone with any sense is asking: What are these creatures, who are incompatible with Western thought and values, doing in the West? Why are governments so anti-white and so anti-Christian as to impose these foul beings upon us?

Abdul Numan Haider who was shot dead by police after stabbing two officers a day after the Islamic State called for Muslims to kill Australians, may not have been acting alone, officials said.

Read more at Channel News Asia.

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2 thoughts on “Australia terror suspect may not have been acting alone

  1. I don’t get it. You believe people should obey god, but islam means obeying god, and muslims should be beheaded? Does that mean you should be beheaded? Maybe you could do the world a favor and shoot yourself like your Fuehrer did.


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