Dog Lovers Demand DA Throw the Book at Dog-Murdering Scumbag

How about charging criminal scumbags Gary Fincher (currently in the Bristol County MA jail for running a veterans charity scam that netted at least $10,000 and probably much more) and Paul Frankel (wanted fugitive and convicted felon for petition forgery and voter registration fraud) for the dog they kidnapped in Texas and tortured and killed, and dumped in Alabama? Or, how about just feeding these two fat pigs to a pack of starving dogs? I am talking about Gary L. Fincher DOB 11/30/61 and Paul Frankel DOB 5/20/72 phone 205-534-1622 email … Frankel is currently hiding from justice in room 262 at the Plaza Hotel in Fort Collins, CO, 3836 E Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO 80524 with his faggot butt buddy Andy Jacobs.


David William Latham,--shot and killed with a rifle small Corgi that he mistakenly thought was barking David William Latham,–shot and killed with a rifle small Corgi that he mistakenly thought was barking

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) — Corgi owners around the nation are rallying around a slain Washington state dog, calling for the harshest penalty for the man charged with killing Molly, a Pembroke Welsh corgi.

A Facebook page called “Justice for Molly the Corgi” has garnered nearly 5,000 followers as of Saturday. The corgi owners are spearheading a letter-writing campaign to the Whatcom County prosecutors’ office, imploring them to seek the harshest penalty against David William Latham, 55.

“When writing letters, push for the harshest penalties for this case but BE RESPECTFUL,” one of the Facebook posts said.

Read the rest of the story at the Associated Press

Additional information can be found here. Molly bled to death from a very painful wound. This link has many insightful comments.

Send the douche who did this…

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13 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Demand DA Throw the Book at Dog-Murdering Scumbag

  1. This is a lie. Paul never had anything to do with killing any dog. This story comes from an old argument between former Roger Pope and Gary Fincher from years ago (Roger and Gary were friends for years prior to their falling out). Paul had nothing to do with it.

    I’m skeptical that Gary killed Roger’s dog. Why? Because Roger never provided any specific details as to when this allegedly took place. I inquired several times as to when the dog was “doggieknapped” and I only received vague answers, such as that it happened sometime during football season, and the month kept changing. If a person who is a dog lover really had their dog taken from them and killed, they’d know damn well when it happened.

    Regardless of whether or not Gary killed Roger’s dog (and there has never been any evidence presented that he did this) Paul had nothing to do with the situation. Even Roger never said that Paul had anything to do with this.

    “Vernon” the coward says all of this stuff while hiding behind a fake screen name and an IP anonymizer.


  2. “vernon1488on September 24, 2014 at 5:20 pm said:

    The only one lying here is you. Roger was in the Philippines when his dog was killed and so does not know the exact time.”

    So Roger just left his dog sitting there unattended while he was in the Philippines. Yeah right. He would have had somebody doggiesitting, and if the dog had really been “doggieknapped,” then whoever was doggiesitting would have know when it happened, and they would have emailed Roger about it, or for that matter, they could have made an international phone call to him about it, and even if they did not email or call him about it (which is highly unlikely if it really happened), they certainly would have told him about it when he got back, and they damn sure would have known the date.

    Also, if this really happened, where is the police report? If this was for real, there’d be a police report about it yet I’ve never seen or even heard of one.

    “Even zionist jew Eric Rittberg admits that Frankel was involved with kidnapping, torturing and killing the dog.”

    Eric Dondero-Rittberg has a reputation for being a liar, and I would not surprise if you were actually Eric Dondero-Rittberg hiding behind a fake screen name and IP anonymizer.

    “Your criminal buddy Mark Pickens admits it was part of a devil worshipping ceremony and that they have done this to other dogs.”

    You must be too stupid to have gotten the sarcasm in Mark’s comments on that one.

    “Mark’s ex-girlfriend Celeste was a consultant on the dog kidnapping and murder.”

    Mark did not even know Celeste at the time that Celeste jokingly made the comment to Gary that he should make a threat to Roger’s dog as a way to get Roger’s goat (as in to piss him off). Gary and Roger and sniping back and forth at one time, and Roger made some threats to Gary. I know this because Gary played the messages that Roger left him for me. So Gary retaliated to a threat made by Roger by sending him an anonymous letter where he said something like, “It would be a shame if something happened to your dog.” I thought that it was a stupid way to retaliate and I told Gary that. Gary said he was just looking for a way to piss Roger off just because Roger had made some threats to him and pissed him off.

    It was a long time after this that the “Roger’s dog is dead” story came out, and what I thought was quite strange about it, was that I did not even hear about it from Roger, I heard about it from a mutual friend. It seems to me that if Gary had really killed his dog, that Roger would have immediately broadcast it all over the place. I saw Roger a few months later on a petition drive and Roger did not even talk it about it the times that I spoke to him on the petition drive after this doggie murder allegedly happened. That was bizarre as well.

    I made several inquiries about the story, and I asked for evidence that Gary actually killed Roger’s dog, and I never received any evidence, and the only responses I got for trying to pin down when this event allegedly took place were very vague, the month kept changing, and the time line I was given was, “Well, it happened some time during football season.”

    I happen to know where Gary was during much of this time period, because I was either working with him on petition drives, or I was in frequent phone communication, and I knew who he was with during those time periods when I was in phone communication with him.

    I have never been presented with any evidence that Gary killed Roger’s dog. If there is any evidence that Gary killed Roger’s dog, I’d certainly be willing to look at it. It would certainly be a messed up thing to have done if he did it, but I’ve never seen any proof that he did it, and given the vague details and the lack of a police report I’m skeptical that he did it.

    “The dog (kidnapped in Texas) was found in Alabama, which is Frankel’s home base.”

    I’ve never heard any proof that Roger’s dog was kidnapped in Texas and found (dead allegedly) in Alabama. I’ve heard different version of the story, and none with any proof. One version I heard was that the dog was found dead in a park in Texas. Another version of the story was that the dog was found dead in Louisiana. Another version of the story was the dog was found dead in Mississippi. Then the story shifted to the location of the dead dog moved to Alabama, and this is when Paul was falsely connected to the story (I think that it was Dondero-Rittberg who concocted this embellishment).

    Reality is that Paul had nothing to do with this story, and even Roger has never claimed that Paul had anything to do with this story.

    “You want people to believe Frankel was not involved? Yeah, right!”

    Paul had nothing to do with this story. The fact that even Roger himself has never connected Paul to this should tell everyone something. You and Dondero (and I would not be surprised if you are Dondero) are just trying to connect Paul to this allegation because you are trying to make the story sound more “juicy” so you can smear another person.

    I wonder how much you are getting paid to do this, and which government agency is paying you.


    • I am not seeing it in any filter. I am new to managing wordpress. You have been given your opportunity to lie here and will be given plenty of opportunity to keep lying and covering up for satanic dog murdering kikes and kike lovers.


  3. “Vernon” sure seems to spend a lot of time studying us and looking for stories to embellish/distort/blow out of proportion. This seems to be an odd obsession for somebody who is supposedly a Nazi, unless of course “Vernon” is getting paid to do this by some government agency.


    • As we have already established, the stories are true (and probably only the tip of the iceberg with you and your criminal gang) and you are the one getting paid by a government agency, which is probably the only reason you have not been arrested for your criminal activities yet.


  4. “vernon1488on September 25, 2014 at 5:04 pm said:

    As we have already established, the stories are true (and probably only the tip of the iceberg with you and your criminal gang) and you are the one getting paid by a government agency, which is probably the only reason you have not been arrested for your criminal activities yet.”

    There is no criminal gang, and there is no group.

    Your stories are either flat out lies, or they are based on things which happened, yet you embellish them or distort them in order to turn them into smears.

    You obviously have spent a lot of time concocting this bullshit. This is a very odd obsession for somebody who claims to be a Nazi. It seems more likely that you one of those paid government internet trolls. Perhaps the government may have hired a Nazi to troll on the internet, for all we know you may be some skin head that is in prison, and trolling online is your prison job. Whoever you are, you are a liar and a coward.


    • Your attempts to lie and wiggle off the hook are laughable. The evidence presented here is incontrovertible. It’s also funny that you accuse others of being paid government trolls and criminals when it is so obvious that this is what you are yourself. I’ve presented actual evidence, you have had nothing but bullshit and spin.


  5. Vernon is not very convincing here. And I really dislike Frankel and Jacobs but this is just over the top. But then again Vernon is probably Jacobs and/or Frankel. LOL


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