The Jewish Attack on our Families. Overlooked Points About Feminism, The Jewish Genocidal Strategy.

Nordic Anti Semite

The other day I was having bonfires burning all of the fruit tree prunings. I was scrunching up and stuffing it with newspapers when I saw the disfigured faces of the columnists and the Aryan faces they use to sell the papers with. It was apparent that the Jews have employed plant women in their media to convince the Nordic Race, and gradually every race, not to breed. Jews are stealing our women, putting them to work for them, and paying them. They shamelessly use them in their publications to convince more women to abandon their natural role in the family. They have destroyed the family, and in doing so, destroyed the culture. I would like to make just a few points that are often overlooked about what the Jews fashionably call ‘feminism’.

IMG_3597 A woman reports favourably on a woman who wants to work instead of having children, thus impeding…

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