Allied Atrocities: Entire families were liquidated

"Neues Europa"

By Alfred M. De Zayas


First report of three judges from the military court at Prague, Hans Boetticher, Georg Hurtig, and Horst Reger. The report dated 29 September 1939 describes their work in the province of Posen between 18 and 28 September:

„Witness depositions were not limited to ethnic Germans but also extended to Polish persons. Polish soldiers, especially the infantry, were much involved in the murders. In the majority of case the victims were first arrested under some pretext… most often following German air attacks. The following are the most common grounds for the arrests, when grounds were at all given: alleged possession of weapons, ammunition, and secret transmitters; giving light signals to German planes; espionage; and giving shelter to spies. But in many case it sufficed for the arrest if the victim affirmatively answered the question whether he was German and of the Lutheran faith…

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