Andy Jacobs and Paul Frankel are dishonest lying pieces of shit, still closely associated with busted fake veterans charity scammer Gary Fincher

Gary Fincher busted for fake veterans charity scam

Grossly obese piece of shit zionist khazar pig Paul Frankel lies his ass off on IPR:

Andy, Jake and myself have never been involved with this scam and have not been friends of Fincher’s in years.

-Convicted felon, forger and wanted fugitive Paul Frankel, DOB 5/20/72, phone number 205-534-1622

Psychotic nut “Angry Anal Andy” Andrew Stephen Jacobs, DOB 5-11-72, phone number 702-785-4738 chimes in:

Paul and I have not seen or spoken to him in years.

Oh, really? In an exclusive interview with Fincher’s fellow inmates at the Bristol, Massachusetts County Jail, 88FourteenWordPress has learned that Fincher and Jacobs have been in extensive and frequent phone communication since Fincher’s arrest. As for Jacobs and wanted fugitive Frankel they are currently holed up in a faggot love nest in room 262 at the Plaza Hotel in Fort Collins, CO, 3836 E Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO 80524. These two faggots are currently sharing a bank account, car and bed together with Frankel most likely being the bitch, but really with queer sodomites who knows? All we can say for certain is that people in adjacent rooms are complaining about their loud arguments and sex sessions, which are often late at night.

If police investigators are monitoring the gang’s calls like they should be they have probably discovered calls from the two lovebirds in Colorado going back and forth with California based narcotics trafficker Mark Pickens, interstate rental car theft kingpin Jake Witmer as well as jailbird Fincher. Other gang members are also involved in this long standing multi-state racketeer influenced and corrupt organization.

Now that we know that these criminal homos are lying about their ongoing relationship with busted scumbag Gary Fincher it’s just a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Who wants to place bets on how long it will take the rest of the gang to be apprehended by police?

Sieg Heil!

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Is “libertarian” Andy Jacobs a paid government troll? And if so, which country’s government is paying him? …. And will they keep him out of jail?

39 thoughts on “Andy Jacobs and Paul Frankel are dishonest lying pieces of shit, still closely associated with busted fake veterans charity scammer Gary Fincher

  1. As a “California based narcotics trafficker,” I make a lot of money. I don’t sell cocaine, heroin, or amphetamines because I’ve found something far more lucrative. It compels people to tell the truth. This can be very addictive, so if one has something to hide, he should steer clear of Acetlelcho…oh Hell, I can’t spell it. It’s called ACGBH or “the truth drug.” Look it up.

    Obviously, Vernon1488 has no weakness for ACGBH, so I guess I can forget about getting him hooked on it.


  2. I don’t need drugs to tell the truth, it just comes naturally. As for you, you have dealt in marijuana, cocaine, and hallucinogens and perhaps other drugs to support your lifestyle. You’re also neck deep in Fincher and Frankel’s scams and even the newspapers say you were involved in Fincher’s bogus charity.


    • You should really do more research, vernon1488. You completely missed the fact that I was the biggest trafficker in the Southwest, controlling virtually all cocaine sold in California.

      During my struggle to seize control of San Jose and San Francisco, I went to war with the Rodriguez Family. One of their cooks was my agent. She put knockout drops in their food, catching them completely flat-footed.

      As you know, I owned a farm near Bakersfield where I grew a huge amount of poison oak. I have a machine that extracts the oil, making it roughly a hundred times more potent than normal poison oak.

      I put all captured Rodriguez Family members (except for the eight year old — there are limits) into a locked basement room, had my guys give them colonics, and then waited for them to awake.

      The anal itching was so intense, they couldn’t stand it. Finally, the father systematically snapped the necks of his family, pulled corpses into a pile, climbed to the top of it, and then made a spectacular swan dive onto the concrete floor, fatally fracturing his skull.

      You should have been there. It was hilarious. (I wish I’d thought to make a video.)

      Now your turn. I started with a Google of “vernon1488,” and learned quite a bit. You were acquitted of child molestation of a six year old black boy, but according to the foreman, the jury was “pretty sure” you were guilty. They just didn’t think the case had been proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

      I did notice you were convicted of bestiality, but it was reduced to second degree animal abuse, because it turns out there’s no law against having sex with chickens. That surprised me. (It was a rooster, not a hen, so again we see a homosexual theme.)

      I realize Nazis have little grasp of libertarian ideology, so allow me to explain. Libertarians believe use and sales of all recreational drugs to competent adults should be re-legalized, so people selling those drugs are good guys and narcs are social parasites.

      I guess the bottom line is people who hide behind an alias have less credibility than those who use their real names.


      • Funny, although I am guessing readers know how to use google. Try “gary fincher” fraud, “Paul Frankel” fraud, or “gary fincher” “mark pickens.” More advanced users can find your criminal record. Arguments about legalizing drugs aside, I bet even libertarians will not defend your association with Fincher’s bogus veteran charity, Frankel’s signature forging operation or the other criminal activities of your crime associates as detailed on these pages (see the linked articles at the end of the post).


  3. It’s a bit ironic for people to claim to be Nazis and then think others should believe them. Nazis are notorious liars. For example, Joseph Goebbels:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Another example: The German-Russian 1939 nonaggression pact.

    To me, a more interesting example is high ranking Nazis selling “liberated” gold to the Swiss diluted with ten percent lead. According to William L. Shirer in “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and confirmed by Albert Speer in “Inside the Third Reich,” the fraud was discovered almost immediately (probably within a few days).

    From that point on, the price offered for Nazi gold was routinely discounted by at least twenty percent. Ten percent was to compensate for the expected fraud and the additional discount was to offset the extra risk of dealing with known liars.

    The truly ironic thing was a number of Jews purchased Nazi gold, appropriately discounted, smelted it down, removed the lead, formed new ingots, and sold those at full price on the open market, pulling in ten percent profit for a few day’s work.

    There are quite a few “Mark Pickens” in the country, so people investigating me should be sure to look for my full name of “Mark Read Pickens.”

    Given that I was never even arraigned, let alone convicted, of anything, I think it would be somewhat difficult to stretch my checkered past into a “criminal record.”

    People who tell the truth don’t hide behind an alias, unless, of course, they are afraid of a “California based cocaine baron” with a stockpile of poison oak oil.


  4. I’ll address your comment in a separate post when time permits. In the meantime, readers should know that you can be reached at 720-949-6472 or 304-THE-VETS (a fake charity that does not exist but is actually a scam run by Fincher and yourself, probably with your other criminal associates as detailed in these pages, only one of whom has been caught so far), and ; we will get to the rest later as I am busy today.


    • Talk about a blast from the past! I forgot about this years ago.

      I was a full-time on-the-road petitioner from 2004 to 2008. It was an insecure hand-to-mouth existence and I can’t say I’m well suited for it. By the end of the election cycle, with no petitioning jobs available, I was almost out of money. I then accepted an unpaid internship for a libertarian organization.

      Room and board were being covered, so I figured I’d finally have some stability in my life. Petitioning is a feast-or-famine business and I was thoroughly tired of it. I was visiting an old friend in Mississippi and then left her place and drove toward Phoenix.

      On the way, I had a single-car non-injury accident which totaled my nineteen year old car. (It was dumb. I didn’t realize how tired I was. It won’t happen again.) I had to abandon the vehicle to the towing company, as well as much of my stuff. I salvaged what I could and then tried to borrow enough money for a bus ticket.

      Gary came through by lending enough to cover Greyhound. I was at my wit’s end. Without him, I would have had to abandon most of the rest of my stuff and then hitchhike.

      Since I had virtually no income at that point, it took months to repay him, even though I knew he really needed it.

      A year or so later, he visited me in Phoenix. He handed me his cell and asked me to put an outgoing announcement on his voicemail. (I guess he thought my voice sounded more authoritative.) I knew he was panhandling, but also knew he sometimes referred people to various organizations. I figured I owed him a huge favor.

      At the time, I assumed the announcement was going on his personal cell phone voicemail, but now realize he had put me in the voicemail system of a completely different phone number. Weeks later, when I called him and he didn’t pick up, I heard his regular voicemail announcement and assumed he’d replaced my announcement with his own. In the years since, I never thought to ask about it.

      In hindsight, I suppose it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. It never occurred to me he kept it going this long.

      I thought panhandling was a stopgap measure until he could put together another petitioning gig. (Gary is one of the best petitioners I’ve ever seen. He and I worked the same spot once, not fifteen feet from each other. I was working hard, but at the end of the day, Gary had well over twice as many signatures as I did.)

      I’m guessing it was four or five years ago when I did that favor for him.

      Of course, I’m explaining this to an admitted Nazi who believes Jewish people should be killed simply because of their ethnicity. As a long-time libertarian who believes in equal rights, I’ve never judged people by the group they were born into, but rather by the content of their character.

      I’ve also never hidden behind an alias, while still expecting to be taken seriously.


  5. Keep the lies coming Pickens. You know damn well that you claim to be a charitable organization of volunteers on the message at 304-843-8387 and that there was and is no organization and that Fincher was fraudulently raising money for the non-existent organization for years, which he is currently in jail for, not “panhandling”. Panhanding is when a pathetic lazy bum honestly disgraces himself by begging for money for himself or his family rather than getting a job. Running a phony non-existent veterans charity, pretending to raise money for it and keeping 100% is something else entirely. I know you know the difference so let’s not play dumb, OK?
    And don’t even lie and try to claim you did not know that this was how Fincher was supporting himself for years. I bet you were in on it too. So much for your credibility. You have none.

    I am sure you will also claim not to know that your good buddy Frankel was engaging in voter registration fraud in Humboldt County California which he is a wanted fugitive for, right when you were there with him, or that he has a prior for petition fraud in Oregon yet you were in California with him, just like you were all over the country with him as well, and with Fincher, for years. But I bet you had nothing to do with any of Fincher or Frankel’s scams, and didn’t know anything about them right? Or your other buddy and serial roommate Jake Witmer, the serial rental car thief. I am sure you know nothing about that either.

    Are you going to claim you did not make a living for years and even decades entirely from selling dope? So what if you skated on a technicality? Lots of people know about your dope dealing. What are you going to claim next, that Frankel and Fincher were just practicing for their veterinary exam when they kidnapped, tortured and killed a dog and dumped its body?

    Also gotta wonder if the reason you skated was due to you being a government agent or informant. Like your buddy Jacobs that must be why you aren’t so big on privacy and need everyone’s real names, either so your ZOG government agent friends can round them up, or for your criminal activities (identity theft, breaking and entry, check and credit card fraud and so on).
    By the way Pickens, not that I like the JewRS or anything, but I heard you laundered a bunch of money for Frankel, Jacobs, Fincher and Witmer over the years. Are you paying taxes on that? LOL. But then maybe you are getting let off the hook because you have connections or are an informant aka snitch ass bitch?

    I wasn’t going to make a long comment and there’s more, I am actually busy with other things today but you have your own post dedicated to you coming up. We can discuss these and other matters there.


  6. Since I’m libertarian rather than Nazi, why would I be ashamed to have sold marijuana during the eighties and part of the nineties? I imagine I’d still be doing it if pot clubs in San Francisco hadn’t overwhelmed mom and pop dealers. Somebody has to resist the War on Drugs, otherwise Nazis win.

    (You do realize marijuana is already legal in two states with probably more coming by the end of the year? You drug warriors are losing.)

    Me denying having sold weed would be like you denying you hate someone who is Jewish, not because he has done anyone harm, but simply because he was born into it. I assume you hate black people and Hispanics as well.

    If you’d done more research, you would have realized we captured, tortured, and killed hundreds of thousands of defenseless dogs, not just one. You see, we need them for our satanic rituals.

    I just checked with my JewRS overlords at the ZOG Government. They were surprised you knew about the thousands of identities our ring has stolen. Ironically, one of them was yours, but it turned out to be worthless.

    You’re delusional if you think the only thing stopping our ZOG masters from rounding up our enemies and framing them for crimes we actually committed is not knowing their names. Actually, we know everything. Ask your neighbors if anyone has been asking questions about you. If they deny it, they’re part of the ZOG conspiracy.

    I know you’re busy beating up Hispanics, blacks, and gay people, so I’ll leave you to it.


    • Funny stuff Pickens. I’m sure you’ll claim weed is the only thing you sold, and that being a flunky for mexican drug cartels is a noble pursuit. Also only the 80s and 90s? You may as well admit it was longer than that and for all we know may still be going on. As for who all I hate take a few minutes to look over the rest of this blog and the blogroll and you’ll get a better idea. Your post is still coming but in the meantime enjoy, we have over 50 other posts and over a hundred links for your education and entertainment. Now as for satanic rituals I don’t doubt it, regardless of your pathetic attempts at ridicule.


  7. Why would a self proclaimed Nazi give a rat’s ass about who is petitioning for the Libertarian Party or anything else, unless the petition was for some kind of Nazi cause?

    It should be obvious to any who have been following this nonsense that “Vernon” is some kind of government troll provocateur.


    • Just taking on you nest of vipers and criminals due to your behavior at IPR. As for the Libertarians, it will be useful to take them over with White Nationalist Ron/Rand Paul supporters to give the presidential nomination to NOTA over Gary fair tax zionist Johnson and clear the way for secre White Nationalist Rand Paul to defeat Hillary Clinton. We will bring 500-1000 stormtroopers as delegates to the 2016 LP national convention in Orlando. Rand Paul will come out as a natonal socialist after he is inaugurated as President and the fourth Reich will begin!


      • Tell us more about ZOG, vernon1488. Also, don’t you have more information about animal torture used in our Satanic rituals?

        Another thing. I heard the Moon landings were faked. Do you know anything about that?

        Assuming you become a delegate to the next Libertarian Party convention (which could happen, because unlike the Democrats and Republicans, there is no age restriction), you’ll only be 499 delegates short of the lower end of your goal. Good luck. (You might want to hide your true beliefs because Nazis are kind of the polar opposite of libertarians.)


      • If you want to learn more about ZOG read all the other posts here (some of them even mention you) and the blogroll. Instead of fake sarcasm, maybe YOU could tell US about your satanic rituals and animal torture. As for getting our stormtroopers to your convention it should be no problem. Many of us have already been involved in Ron Paul’s campaigns and Libertarians welcome Ron Paul supporters with open arms. You won’t know what hit you!


    • Come on, Andy. Virtually nobody reads vernon1488 and of those that do, who takes him seriously? Think about it. Jews control the U.S. Government? “500 to 1000” stormtroopers will be delegates to the next LP convention? Gary (and now Paul) captured and tortured a dog to death? I’m a California based cocaine baron?

      Who in government would take money out of their budget to pay someone people think is delusional? What did he come up with when I started poking him? ZOG. Next thing you know, he’ll be raving about lizard people unzipping their DNA.


      • “Think about it. Jews control the U.S. Government? “500 to 1000″ stormtroopers will be delegates to the next LP convention? Gary (and now Paul) captured and tortured a dog to death? I’m a California based cocaine baron?”

        Thought about it. All of these are true.

        “Next thing you know, he’ll be raving about lizard people unzipping their DNA.”

        I think that would be Andy, LOL


      • Andy, give me a break! If the government has been reduced to recruiting people such as vernnon1488, we’ve already won!

        A guy who believes the U.S. Government is secretly controlled by “the Jews” and thinks he can get “500 to 1000” stormtroopers elected from various LP State Parties around the country to be delegates to the next LP National Convention is to be taken seriously? These bizarre delusions are coming from a guy who believes Satan is real!

        For the many thousands of people reading this blog, if anyone rats out vernon1488 and reveals his identity, I’ll give him forty (no, make that four hundred) pounds of cocaine. Being a cocaine baron, of course, I can easily afford it. I’m sitting on quite a few tons.

        That’s not a metaphor. I removed the beans from a beanbag chair and replaced them with cocaine rocks. As I type this, I am literally sitting on at least a ton of cocaine.

        You’d be surprised how easy it is to smuggle coke into the country when you work for The Jews. Also, I have a get-out-of-jail-free card. Each time I’ve been busted, all I had to do was call my Jew lawyer, who talked to the Jew Overlords, who talked to the Jew-controlled prosecutors, who conveniently “lost” the evidence, so charges were dismissed and expunged from my record.

        I now carry coke in a clear plastic bag, loaded with rocks the size of baseballs. You can even see mesh marks of cheesecloth used to strain water out at the last processing step in Peru. I walk right past cops who pretend to be looking the other way. They know if they bust me, The Jews will find an excuse to take their badges and I’ll go free. (In fact, when the coke held as evidence is “lost,” it comes right back to me!)


      • Really Pickens, is there any need to belabor your point? Yes, you are a fairly minor narcotics trafficker, not a major drug lord. I never said you were big time. Nevertheless, you supported yourself this way for decades as a flunky for Mexican drug cartels. I don’t know if you still do or not. I do know that you were and are neck deep in Frankel and Fincher scams (petition fraud, voter registration fraud, tax fraud, charity fraud). There’s a good chance you have been involved in Witmer’s rental car thefts. You have roomed with all of these assholes multiple times in multiple states. There’s probably quite a bit of other criminal activity going on judging by what else we know your buddies have been up to, as detailed in the posts referenced above.

        Despite your failed attempts to laugh it off through exageration, yes, I do believe your friends (probably including yourself) have been involved in animal and probably human sacrifice as part of devil worshipping, regardless of whether you, I or anyone else thinks the devil is actually physically real or not (most satanists don’t, as I am sure you know). The dog kidnapping in Texas and murder in Alabama are prima facie evidence of this along with Roger’s comments about how your good friend Gary Fincher and his best friend (then and to this day) tortured animals in a basement as children, how his friend is up on child porn charges, how Frankel and Fincher stalked and harassed women, how Jacobs and Fincher harassed a woman you all know in Tennessee, how women that traveled with Fincher mysteriously disappeared and so on.

        You can continue to think that it would be very difficult to get White Nationalists who have been activists in the Ron Paul campaigns signed up as Libertarian delegates if you want to. All the better since you will be surprised when it actually happens. Tons of White race realists have been hardcore Ron Paul activists for years and as soon as you provide Ron Paul bonafides any state or local LP is more than happy to welcome you and will bend over backwards to bring you in. It is easier than you can imagine, and there are more of us than you know.

        Last, I have little doubt that you have used your status as an informant or perhaps agent to wiggle out of criminal charges (losing evidence or whatever). Laugh it off but it’s really quite lame, as humor goes. Perhaps that’s why your professional comedian career never really took off. You want funny? Take a look at a picture of Frankel or Fincher, with their fat ugly mugs. Or take a look at the humor at NiggerMania or Chimpout. Now that is some funny shit. You and your gang, well, that’s not all that funny; more pathetic than anything else, although people should still be warned about you criminal scumbags.


  8. “Vernon’s” attempting at tying libertarians, and in this case, the Paul’s specifically, in with Nazis is straight out of the government propaganda playbook.

    Also, if we were really such a bunch of screw ups, then it would be in the best interest of a Nazi for us to work on petitions for the Libertarian Party, and for other non-Nazi causes, because having such screw ups work on these ballot access drives would help ensure that these petition drives would fail to make the ballot. So if we were really as bad as “Vern” claims that we are, it would be in his best interest for us to work on as many non-Nazi supported ballot access drives as possible.

    The big question here is for what government agency does “Vernon” troll? FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, DOD, or maybe British MI6, Israeli Mossad (it would not surprise me if “Vernon” is Jewish and the racist angle is simply a way of provocateuring), or Russian SVR?


  9. “vernon1488on September 24, 2014 at 11:07 pm said:

    They have been photographed and videoed. More than you know.”

    This is probably an honest comment from “Vernon.” We are both probably under government surveillance, as are others who are active in the libertarian movement in this country.


  10. What’s “pathetic” is someone living in his parent’s basement fantasizing about “500 to 1000” Nazis doing anything in unison. You can’t even get that many together for a march, or even a cross-burning. How many Nazis showed up for the famous march originally scheduled for Skokie, but later moved to Chicago in 1980 — was it even a dozen?

    (Flaking out after the ACLU went to such lengths to secure your right to do it…and with all that international press coverage.)

    In any case, seeing no evidence, but merely increasingly bizarre charges coming from someone lurking in the shadows, afraid “The Jews” will persecute him if he reveals his identity, I’ll let Dieter have the last word: “Your story has become tiresome.”


    (If 500 stormtroopers show up at the LP Convention, I’ll eat my words, sell a kidney and donate the money to your cause.)


    • What’s “pathetic” is someone living in his parent’s basement

      I don’t live in my parents’ basement. You are projecting your fantasies about me. In reality you have no idea.

      fantasizing about “500 to 1000″ Nazis doing anything in unison. You can’t even get that many together for a march, or even a cross-burning. How many Nazis showed up for the famous march originally scheduled for Skokie, but later moved to Chicago in 1980 — was it even a dozen?

      I see where your confusion comes in.

      For one thing, far from every White Nationalist or even national socialist is going to parade in a SS or SA uniform on main street. There are far more of us than you would begin to imagine using that “logic.” And many of us have been very active in the Ron Paul movement. In fact, Ron Paul and Rand Paul are themselves undercover White Nationalists. See

      So no, you are not going to get a hundred guys in nazi uniforms, or any, showing up. You won’t know what happened until it’s too late. Then you can try to sell your kidney, liver, brain, etc., if anyone will buy them.

      No problem for me if you remove your criminal stench, bad jokes and bad logic but you’ll still get your own dedicated post sooner or later depending on how busy I get.


  11. I was going to save this for the planned post about Pickens but since I still haven’t gotten around to it … Pickens bloviated a while back

    “I realize Nazis have little grasp of libertarian ideology, so allow me to explain. Libertarians believe use and sales of all recreational drugs to competent adults should be re-legalized, so people selling those drugs are good guys and narcs are social parasites.”

    One does not follow from the other. Apparently it is you who do not grasp your own ideology. While libertarians believe use and sales of all recreational drugs to competent adults should be re-legalized they don’t agree amongst themselves whether they approve of this behavior. Being a libertine and a libertarian overlap, but don’t equate with each other in all cases. And being a flunky for Mexican drug cartels, which also happen to commit lots of other crimes that not even libertarians would try to justify (just like your little gang does as well on a smaller scale) helps your cause of legalizing dope how exactly? You help(ed) make the narcotrafficante spics richer. Congratulations. You think they want to legalize dope? LOL.


  12. “How many Nazis showed up for the famous march originally scheduled for Skokie, but later moved to Chicago in 1980 — was it even a dozen?”

    The “Nazi” who lead that march was actually Jewish. There have been quite a few cases of so called “Nazis” actually being Jews who were acting as agent provocateurs. It would not surprise me at all if “Vernon” is Jewish, and he/she could even be posting all of this nonsense from Israel.


  13. “vernon1488on September 27, 2014 at 3:34 pm said:

    You’re the government agent and if I was a kike I would blow myself up and take out as many kikes as could with me.”

    It would not surprise me at all if you were Israeli Mossad.


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