Never forget: zionist khazar kikes did 9/11


On this 13th anniversary of the zionist khazar kike attack on American soil we must do all we can to teach and remind everyone that the non-semitic synagogue of satan pretending to be descendents of biblical jews (their actual descendents are Anglo-Saxons) planned, carried out and benefited from the attacks. Here’s tons of evidence:

The dirty kikes are not the ones fighting and dying in America’s wars for Israel. The khazar bankers are using the wars to manipulate the money supply and pile on debt on the goyim, they run the financial system which feeds off these wars. Today the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) is perpetrating another false flag to get America and the West into yet another war for Israel, maybe a wider mideast war this time. More usury for the zionist bankers. Destroy the economic system and have the ZOG puppet government institute martial law (Ferguson is just a training ground).

Could today be the day the goyim start fighting back? White revolution is the only solution! Spray paint Jews Did 9/11 Swastika 14/88 on your local synagogue of satan today. Go out and kill some kikes. Burn down their houses and places of satan-worship. Hang them from lamp posts, bomb their houses, burn a cross on their lawn. Tell everyone you meet today “Jews” did 9/11 and give them a Sieg Heil salute. Hand out some “Jews” did 9/11 brochures on a busy street corner or just stand there with a “google Jews did 9/11” placard. Spread the message through the web, email, social media, post it on a thousand discussion forums today. Make today count. This can be the day we start fighting back and take our country back from ZOG.

Their plan is to kill most of us, sacrifice us to Satan on their evil altars, rape and enslave our young daughters and drink the blood of our children. When you are in a life and death struggle with an evil parasite like we are here and now any and all tactics are welcome. Kill them first before they kill us. Kill them today. Kill their system. Rob their banks. Valhalla awaits!

One thought on “Never forget: zionist khazar kikes did 9/11

  1. you socialists crypto zionists are dellusional jews arnt kahzars and vica versa they colonized it like they did almost every country except now they are acepted and marxism is promoted by nodrdic countries and jew loving wasp zionist countries remember the bolshevik revolution was started by western jews that came from western scum jew loving countries


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