When Subhumans Andy Jacobs and Gary Fincher Attack

Still more hilarity from the Fincher blog!


“Colleague Turns to Violence in California

Commits Assault and Battery, Turns Violent May 5-8, 2010 in San Diego and Hemet, California.

Restraining Order Put Out for Mr. Andrew Stephen Jacobs, aka Andy Jacobs. DOB 5/11/1972

(see story on the World Wide Web by Googling Mr. Jacobs)”

In a later story on IPR we find that Jacobs also resisted arrest and assaulted police officers after being asked to leave a public library for disturbing the peace, harassing and yelling at library patrons and trying to intimidate them into signing petitions or curse them for refusing. Maryland, 2010.

Much like Fincher with the stalking of an ex-girlfriend in Maine which he admits to in 1992 (see upcoming post) and Fincher and Frankel stalking and sexually harassing petition signers in NC in 2007 leading to them being fired from the job, Jacobs was reported in multiple prior IPR comments to be stalking a woman in Tennessee around 2008-2011. Fincher also stalked and harassed the same woman, Christy Steele of Lewisburg, TN.

As we can see their response to police when being arrested for disorderly conduct was in both cases to resist arrest and assault police officers. Like they say birds of a feather flock together.

Sexually harassing and assaulting women, assaulting each other, disorderly conduct and harassing the general public, stalking women off petition sheets, getting restraining orders put out against them, resisting arrest, assaulting police officers: a clear pattern of behavior emerges here which demonstrates why these psychopathic criminals are “thick as thieves” and virtually inseparable.

Sometimes, the male bonding between these criminals turns violent as here described, in one of the links on Fincher’s blog about how Jacobs beat him:

“I’d been viciously attacked, physically, in a barrage of punches to my face, head and body that lasted for several minutes, at a California hotel,”

Sometimes it turns outward, usually against women and/or peace officers…


Roger writes

“Gary Fincher also likes to beat up on young girls like the time I saw him beat the crap out of a young girl named Crystal in a parking lot in Maine. When the police came by he ran away after breaking the poor girls ribs. Even after all that Redpath knowing what he had done kept using him as a petitioner. The only thing the girl did was disagree with him on something. Kay, who he called his wife told me a whole lot more about him before she died that would make your skin crawl. Hope there is still someone left to listen. Fincher is dangerous in the same way as Hannible Lecter, and more so watch your backside. He will not tolerate anyone who disagrees with him. He also has a plan to punish women who have had abortions to prove how libertarian he is and is in league with his best friend who is up on charges for child pornography. He claims that he and his best friend liked to torture animals together as children and thinks that is normal behavior for a child. Many of the women he has traveled with dis appeared. He has no home,just a fake address, a PO box and a best friend in Texas with a basement in his house who he used to torture animals with and has had a plan to punish women and anyone else in the abortion field. That is what he told me. Also since animals are property he feels torturing is OK and natural especially for children. If you plan to travel with him watch your backside. He makes things up as he goes along. I keep warning people about him but no one seems to listen until it is too late. By then it is no longer funny. Right now you are probably laughing and thinking I’m the crazy one. Right?”

In the same thread:

“Gary owes me thousands of dollars and justified that I owe him because his car broke down while he had me drive it for him. Fincher is a professional victim who will never pay anyone back if he can justify it. He plays the blame game and is a user! Fincher is a nut case who thinks it is normal to torture defensless animals. When petitioning he attacks people who believe in evolution and tells people that people who blow up abortion clinics are heroes. If you continue to befriend him you must also be a nut case. ”

Jacobs later learned the hard way about how Fincher “borrows” thousands of dollars from people and does not pay them back, leading to the assault in California.

Your money or your person is not safe around these psychos. Shoot them before they attack you like the rabid dogs that they are if you ever come across them.

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