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I see Andy Jackoff has nothing to say about his good friend Gary Fincher getting popped, and Paula Schpankel has some weak excuses that don’t pass the laugh test. Is Jacobs the next one to be arrested in this scheme (I am sure he will resist arrest per his usual modus operandi) or will Frankel get arrested once again just like he did for the voter fraud in Oregon? Maybe both? Will Frankel give the cops a fake name in a failed effort to escape justice? Will Frankel and Jacobs try to flee in a stolen rental car with Jake Witmer? And what role does “national coordinator” Mark Pickens play in all this? Stay tuned….

Thomas L. Knapp August 6, 2014 at 2:37 pm Open Thread http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com

Is this the same Gary Fincher who is a former Libertarian Party ballot access petitioner and got caught forging Social Security numbers on New Mexico voter registration forms years ago?

Vernon August 6, 2014 at 3:53 pm

Thomas L. Knapp

Yes, it is the same Gary L. Fincher, DOB 11/30/61. He has criminal convictions in Texas and Florida, and at the time of his arrest he had a Texas drivers license, Alabama car tags (probably something to do with criminal associate and convicted forger Paul Frankel with whom he killed a dog from Texas and dumped it in Alabama), Massachusetts weekly motel room and said he was entitled to the money (which included over $11,000 in a Bank of America account which has now been frozen) because he had been in the Army for 29 days in 1980 and failed to complete basic training. Another long time associate of Frankel and Fincher, Mark Pickens, was also involved in the scam as well. Fincher and other traveling vagabonds were setting up card tables in front of Walmarts and grocery stores to collect money for a bogus veterans charity and pocketed 100% of the money. They have been running this scam for years all over the country in many different states. A police report of the Massachusetts arrest from Mansfield MA should also be public record.

This same crime syndicate including Frankel, Fincher, Mark Pickens, Andy Jacobs and Jake Witmer among others is involved with various political petition related scams, bogus charities, identity theft, drug dealing, prostitution related crimes, public intoxication, assaults, rental car thefts, sex crimes, and shaking down political and business clients for additional money through harassment, like they did with the LNC in 2007 and attempted unsuccessfully with Virgil Goode in 2012. Witmer and Jacobs were just questioned by authorities regarding alleged fraud and forgery in Illinois in conjunction with Libertarian ballot access petitions. And killing a pet now that is just wrong!!! Speaking as a veteran and a dog owner myself….

For anyone to have ever been a long term friend and associate of Gary Fincher really shows their lack of character. Why would you be friends with someone like that unless you are the same type of person yourself? To avoid the taint, don’t associate with or especially hire anyone who has been friends with Fincher now or in the past. Boycott the FOGFs (friends of Gary Fincher).

Spread the word far and wide


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