Gary Fincher skips probation, harasses and stalks ex-girlfriend, threatens suicide, tries to escape mental hospital, fails

More hilarity from Fincher’s blog:

In 1991 Fincher gets arrested by Florida police after refusing to let a voter remove his signature from the Libertarian ballot access petition and proceeds to engage in disorderly conduct and then resisting arrest after police arrive. He leaves out that part of why he got arrested.

He pleads nolo contendere to felony battery on the police officers and is unfortunately let out on bail. He receives one year’s probation and has it transferred to Alabama (I wonder if this has anything to do with his fellow felon Paul Frankel, also of Alabama?) …. bear in mind he had Alabama car tags when he was arrested in Massachusetts this year (2014) so clearly there is an ongoing Alabama connection. It is also where the two of them dumped a dog which they stole in Texas and tortured to death, how sickening! Fincher also has a criminal conviction from Texas for holding a man at knifepoint and had a Texas drivers license when arrested in Massachusetts in 2014.

In his write-up Fincher admits that he next skips out on the terms of his probation to travel to Maine to harass and stalk an ex-girlfriend. (The man whose dog Fincher and Frankel stole, tortured and killed reports that in 2004, Fincher assaulted another woman in a McDonalds parking lot in Maine, beat and kicked her and stole her car). Fincher reports repeatedly calling the ex-girlfriend in Maine in 1992 after she tells him to stop. In a similar fashion, Fincher and Frankel were fired by the North Carolina LP in 2007 for calling and sexually harassing women that they registered to vote and had sign Libertarian ballot acess petitions. Frankel sneaked fellow felon Fincher into the state to collect signatures for pay without approval from the petition coordinators. Similarly, in the previously referenced incident in NY State Fincher admits to calling and harassing witnesses that he tries to intimidate or manipulate unsuccessfully to lie about his physical assault against the deputy’s wife in Vestal, NY.

Fincher gets locked repeatedly in Maine mental hospitals in the following months and repeatedly threatens suicide, as he has many times before and since then.

Unfortunately, the authorities don’t discover that Fincher has absconded on his probation and fled Alabama for Maine. Even more unfortunately, it is probably now past the statute of limitations, so he can’t be sentenced to prison for felony probation violation despite his written confession on the internet in the incident involving felony assault on police officers after he exhibited disorderly and demented conduct and resisted arrest when he refused to let a voter change their mind and remove their name from the petition, much like in the later case in NY State.

Fincher then tries to escape from the mental hospital to make his last mandatory probation appearance in Alabama. His escape attempt fails, and he makes up a ludicrous story about mental hospital orderlies torturing him which the police justifiably just laugh in his face at. Somehow he escapes justice though, despite presumably missing the mandatory probation appearance. Unfortunately, he does not explain how he managed to avoid getting caught for skipping parole to stalk and harass a woman in Maine when he was unable to escape from the mental hospital to make a mandatory probation appearance in Alabama. By all rights and logic, skipping that appearance should have landed him in prison in Florida for assaulting the police officers, but somehow it didn’t; we don’t get to learn how exactly he managed to escape a well earned prison term in Florida in this case.

2 thoughts on “Gary Fincher skips probation, harasses and stalks ex-girlfriend, threatens suicide, tries to escape mental hospital, fails

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